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What we need from the Web, and what it needs from us

It’s 2016 and we still are talking about native vs web. Shouldn’t this debate be settled by now? Shouldn’t the web have won  by now? In many ways it has, but unfortunately, it was missing a few key features which made native appear better in some key aspects. The good news is that we now […]

16 Milliseconds or Bust

It’s never been more important for your web page to maintain a silky-smooth 60 frames per second. That means there’s only 16 milliseconds for Javascript to execute between each frame. We’ll learn several techniques for improving UI performance by stopping Javascript from blocking UI updates.

Building Graphical Command Line Apps

It is not uncommon for people to think of the command line as an ancient, impenetrable and impossible interface to get any real work done. Even if you are a veteran vim user, the thought of actually creating anything other than a single line, argument based interface will probably seem like something out of reach […]

A Class Action

A dispute on probably the most controversial feature in ES2016 leads us back to age old questions at the base of the most common practices of the development universe. Do the “sacred laws” still apply?

Out of the browser and onto the streets

JavaScript is everywhere! It’s jumped out the browser and into the world around us. You can find it in hardware, music, art, museums and even on aircraft! In this interactive talk we take a look at a project which took JavaScript to the streets, projecting live visuals to music in a *Portable Audio Visual Pack*. […]

Microservices in practice with Seneca.js

Microservice architecture is rapidly changing the way we develop our applications. Small, highly decoupled software component are the foundation of this architecture. But hey that’s the theory. Now how can we apply it in our day to day job? How can we structure our application to unleash the benefit of a microservice architecture? Come to […]

Seneca in practice @ Nodeschool

NodeSchool is a collection of workshops, that helps you learn server-side JavaScript by writing code and solving challenges. This edition will be focused on  seneca-in-practice, a workshop dedicated to discover all the foundation of seneca.js microservices toolkit. During this two hours workshop you’ll explore how to build real microservices thanks to pattern-matching, plugins and command. […]

Building Event-driven Serverless Applications

We built event-driven user interfaces for decades. What about bringing the same approach to mobile, web, and IoT backend applications? You have to understand how data flows and what is the propagation of changes, using reactive programming techniques. You can focus on the core functionalities to build and the relationship among the resources you use, […]

Modern Websites for the Modern Web

It seems like new APIs for the web are released every week. It would be cool to be able to use them, but if you need to make websites for the average user, you won’t be able to use them for years – right? Wrong. Patrick Kettner, the lead developer on Modernizr and PM for […]

Functional Programming and Async Programming Workshop

What’s does a mouse drag event have in common with an Array of numbers? The answer to this question may surprise you: they are both collections. This key insight holds the key to dramatically simplifying asynchronous programming in Javascript. In this tutorial you will learn how you can use the familiar Javascript Array methods to […]

Functional Reactive programming with React.js

In this talk I’m going to show how to integrate FRP with React.js, in particular the attendees will understand in deep what is functional reactive programming, how it can be use on a daily basis and which projects could benefits for the adoption of this paradigm. During the presentation I’ll touch the following topics: . […]

(Web?) Components in production

Today the AWS Management Console is created by more than 60 different teams across the world. Each team develops their part of the UI using a wide range of development frameworks and programming languages. This leads to a huge amount of effort spent on creating the same widget set over and over. It also lowers […]

Building Reactive Architectures

In the past few years, we’ve seen many approaches to the MV* architectures from Backbone, knockout, Angular, and many other frameworks that came and went in between times. Some of these frameworks suffered from performance issues with two way data binding, data loading and so forth. Along came React, getting rid of the two way […]

Caching for high performance hybrid app

For a few years, hybrid apps have been growing quickly over the native ones. But the main obstacle remains: the performance. One of the main key indicators for the performance is the time needed to load a page and one efficient way to improve it is to add memory caches. I will show you some […]

Arbitrary Computation on the GPU Using WebGL

WebGL is already widely in use for 3D graphics and image processing but could be used for much more. We’ll learn how to pass arbitrary data to the GPU for parallel processing, how to get that processed data back into Javascript, and all the reasons this doesn’t work even when it should. This talk starts […]

Forgotten funky functions

People love shiny new frameworks, libraries and features. Yet they forget what the most powerful features of JavaScript are. This talk will help you remember (or discover) those forgotten functions.

Discover the information within your data with d3.js

As W. Edward Deming said, “In God we trust, others must bring data”. In the last decades, the importance of data has increased consistently in many application fields, e.g. medicine, marketing, computer science and so on. However, raw data need to be processed in order to exploit useful information. In particular, the dynamic visualization of […]

Higher Order Components in React

React is “a Javascript library for building user interfaces”. The core of React follows many concepts of *Functional Programming*, code composition is one of its main features. In React there are 2 main types of building blocks: **stateful** components and **stateless** components. The former type is defined by elements owning the application logic; this kind […]

The Evolution of Asynchronous JavaScript

One of JavaScript’s strengths is how it handles asynchronous code. Async is one of the most important and often misunderstood part of Javascript or any other language. Async is hard because we, as human beings, can’t do two conscious actions at once and think about both of them at the same moment. In this talk […]

Blazing fast CSS3 transitions

Learn how to replace jQuery animations with blazing fast CSS3 transitions. All you need to know about hardware acceleration, browser support and profiling. Learn the techniques to have smooth transitions across mobile and web! If you’ve never animated on the web before, then this talk will put you on the right track. If you’ve already […]

The ultimate mobile DX using JS as a primary language

In this talk I present a completely new development flow for creating mobile apps. React, Redux, Webpack etc. those are all subjects that we usually associate with web development, but what if it could be different?? I will show how we can use tools like before-mentioned ones to completely change the DX in mobile development, […]

Reactive Programming with Cycle.js

In this talk I’m going to show how to integrate Reactive Programming with Cycle.js, in particular the attendees will understand in deep what reactive programming is, how it can be used on a daily basis and which projects could benefit from the adoption of this paradigm. During the presentation I’ll touch the following topics: Reactive […]

FFTT: A new concept of build tool.

FFTT (Functional File Tree Transforms) is a new, Docker-centric build tool I am working on, implemented with nodejs. It handles builds as a pure functions that transform a file tree (the source, or input) into another file tree (the build artifact, or output). Every file and directory involved in the build (source, intermediate and final […]

A Modern debugging experience using DevTools

This talk covers modern techniques for JavaScript code. We’ll cover debugging on the web and Node.js. Say goodbye to console.log’s because where we’re going, we won’t need them! A combination of smart breakpoints & live code editing will be enough to solve most common issues. In addition to JS debugging, we’ll take a look at […]



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