Fatos Hoti

Fatos Hoti



I am a 30yo full stack developer from Croatia currently on employment in Berlin, Germany. My development career started with JAVA, then I dwelled in PHP for a long time and in the last few years I fell in love with JS, and everything that comes with it. Currently I am spending most of my time developing web with nodeJS, ReactJS etc. In the last year I have been heavily investigating everything surrounding react-native and the idea of changing the mobile dev flow and DX.


The ultimate mobile DX using JS as a primary language

In this talk I present a completely new development flow for creating mobile apps. React, Redux, Webpack etc. those are all subjects that we usually associate with web development, but what if it could be different?? I will show how we can use tools like before-mentioned ones to completely change the DX in mobile development, […]

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