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Jad Joubran



Very early on, at the age of 19, Jad Joubran founded [eTobb](https://www.etobb.com). Nowadays, his experience revolves around managing a team of over 4 developers at eTobb, mentoring developers across different channels, and coaching Web Development in Amsterdam through Le Wagon. ## Here are some of Jad's achievements: - Released open source [Laravel5 angular material starter](https://github.com/jadjoubran/laravel5-angular-material-starter) on github ([demo available](https://laravel-angular.io)) - Published Author ([Sitepoint](https://www.sitepoint.com/author/jjoubran/), [Scotch](https://scotch.io/author/jad), etc..) - Technical Consultant & Mentor at [Speed Accelerator](https://speedlebanon.com/mentors/), [Le Wagon](https://www.lewagon.org/beirut), [Codementor](https://www.codementor.io/jadjoubran) and multiple businesses in the MENA region. - Presented at several international conferences: [Joind.in profile](https://joind.in/user/view/27692) - Featured in Prime Time news on [MTV Lebanon](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7nK2nOIjG8), Entrepreneur Levant, OTV and other media outlets. ### Wearing a different hat: - Raised USD500K from angel investors and early stage funds including 500 startups, Oasis 500, Bankers Assurance, Seeqnce, among others. - Currently part of [500 Startups](https://500.co/startup/etobb/) Batch 11 in Mountain View, California. - Selected as [top 20 entrepreneurs in Lebanon](https://www.executive-magazine.com/business-finance/business/lebanon-top-20-entrepreneurs-2013), Executive Magazine, 2013


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