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Matteo Ronchi



Matteo Ronchi is an active contributor in the Italian front end community with 10+ years of experience in developing enterprise level applications. Working as Web Architect and full-stack developer his knowledge goes from realizing front end architectures to designing server-side systems. Especially focused on the architectural aspects of Web Apps development, excels on cutting-edge front end solutions. He offers training, development and consulting on AngularJS, React, and several other technologies. Currently working on the realization of a platform to enable next-gen solutions for smart cities.


Higher Order Components in React

React is “a Javascript library for building user interfaces”. The core of React follows many concepts of *Functional Programming*, code composition is one of its main features. In React there are 2 main types of building blocks: **stateful** components and **stateless** components. The former type is defined by elements owning the application logic; this kind […]

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