Michele Capra

Michele Capra



I'm a software engineer. I write code with several languages like javascript, Python and C# with a strong focus on quality. I'm currently working at Nearform were I design and develop distributed system with Node.js. You can find me speaking at conferences or meetups as well as eating my beloved 'spiedo' in Brescia with my WEBdeBS's friends.


Microservices in practice with Seneca.js

Microservice architecture is rapidly changing the way we develop our applications. Small, highly decoupled software component are the foundation of this architecture. But hey that’s the theory. Now how can we apply it in our day to day job? How can we structure our application to unleash the benefit of a microservice architecture? Come to […]

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Seneca in practice @ Nodeschool

NodeSchool is a collection of workshops, that helps you learn server-side JavaScript by writing code and solving challenges. This edition will be focused on  seneca-in-practice, a workshop dedicated to discover all the foundation of seneca.js microservices toolkit. During this two hours workshop you’ll explore how to build real microservices thanks to pattern-matching, plugins and command. […]

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