Seth Samuel

Seth Samuel



Seth is a full stack developer with 12+ years of experience. He's survived multiple startups, and has been using WebGL in production since before that was a good idea. Currently he's the New York Associate Director of Engineering at Originate, a digital product development and venture firm.


16 Milliseconds or Bust

It’s never been more important for your web page to maintain a silky-smooth 60 frames per second. That means there’s only 16 milliseconds for Javascript to execute between each frame. We’ll learn several techniques for improving UI performance by stopping Javascript from blocking UI updates.

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Arbitrary Computation on the GPU Using WebGL

WebGL is already widely in use for 3D graphics and image processing but could be used for much more. We’ll learn how to pass arbitrary data to the GPU for parallel processing, how to get that processed data back into Javascript, and all the reasons this doesn’t work even when it should. This talk starts […]

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