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Shwetank Dixit



Shwetank is PM of the extensions platform in Opera as well as part of Opera's Developer Relations team. Over the years, he was worked to evangelize open web standards and cutting edge web technologies. He has written technical articles for a variety of publications and regularly talks at various developer conferences around the world.


What we need from the Web, and what it needs from us

It’s 2016 and we still are talking about native vs web. Shouldn’t this debate be settled by now? Shouldn’t the web have won  by now? In many ways it has, but unfortunately, it was missing a few key features which made native appear better in some key aspects. The good news is that we now […]

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Hunting Treasures with the Physical Web : Adventures with JavaScript and Bluetooth Beacons

The number of electronic devices we have around us is gigantic. We need a new interaction model to deal with all these devices, and having a separate native app for each device is impractical. The concept of the ‘Physical Web’ attempts to assign devices with their very own URL, which can be accessed by everyone […]

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