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Umar Hansa is a web developer based in London who has a focus on writing tips, tutorials and documentation for the web platform. He's a web developer at Shazam and is also a Google Developer Expert for Chrome. Using Chrome tooling such as the DevTools for an improved development workflow but also for debugging performance issues is an area which he plans to explore further and share information about to the community. In 2014, he wrote and produced the most popular video based course at TutsPlus in the "code" category. He's also written a number of tutorials and regularly posts tips on his Twitter/G+ networks. In addition to his work online, he has also spoken at DevFest (twice!), Apps World Europe and even for the Government Digital Team. Going forward, Umar would like to continue sharing useful information to the community, but also give more talks showcasing new features on the web platform.


A Modern debugging experience using DevTools

This talk covers modern techniques for JavaScript code. We’ll cover debugging on the web and Node.js. Say goodbye to console.log’s because where we’re going, we won’t need them! A combination of smart breakpoints & live code editing will be enough to solve most common issues. In addition to JS debugging, we’ll take a look at […]

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